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” In the first episode, which premiered on May 19th, Johnny sat down with “America’s Transgendered Sweetheart,” Calpernia Addams to talk about her work with Jared Leto in the Dallas Buyers Club, Jennifer Lopez & Jane Fonda in Monster in Law and her latest single ‘Ugly Hearts.’ Calpernia also addresses “the shade” that is being thrown around on the Internet by the transgender community toward gays and drag queens: [quote]You know, I think there’s a new generation coming up and they’re sort of forging their own way with it.I think there’s a few people who don’t know their history a little and they don’t have a lot of respect for people who may have paved the way—not necessarily me, not that I changed the world or anything, but…The overwhelming majority of portrayals of trans women paint us as one of three tropes: a sex worker, a deceptive "trap" for heterosexual men, or as a dead body on Law & Order or CSI.Occasionally, just for laughs, a film or TV show will take the "ridiculous trans woman" route, and put a burly man in a dress so others can ridicule the character.Last week, Calpernia Addams wrote an op-ed for this publication regarding Jared Leto's portrayal of transgender woman Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club.Addams, a trans woman who coached Leto on his portrayal in the Oscar-winning film, suggested that cisgender (nontrans) actors should be able to play trans roles, so long as they're the most qualified person for the job.

These ladies are now regulars- notice that one is even wearing a “Bingo Makes Me Horny” shirt!

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I hope you'll indulge me in a brief bit of self-promotion as I make my long-overdue introduction to the readers of Psychology Today.

Addams and James coached Felicity Huffman for her Academy Award-nominated performance as a transgender woman in the film Transamerica.

A reality television series entitled Transamerican Love Story, featuring Addams choosing among eight suitors, debuted February 11, 2008 on Logo TV.


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