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Fans noticed that Chloe even commented on the pic with the half moon emoji!Although we can’t be sure, it certainly seems like the posts are related.Jeremy's only real friend is his music loving friend Michael Mell.They always sit together at lunch, and often talk about Jeremy's attempts at wooing his long time crush, Christine.Chloe first took to her Instagram to post a photo linking hands with a mystery person and captioned it with the half moon emoji.

But she's such a good actress though that this doesn't prevent her from convincingly playing the role of seductive call girl Chloe."What’s annoying me is that Chris is going around telling people one thing and then not relaying it to me," she fumed."If he wants to couple up with Liv then at least tell me.Julianne Moore plays Catherine, a gynecologist who suspects her flirtatious husband (Liam Neeson) is having an affair with one of his students.While at work Catherine observes Chloe entering and exiting hotels with several men so she can make a pretty good guess at Chloe's profession.But it looks like we’ll have to wait and see if there’s an official reconciliation!


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