Consolidating super funds australia

If you have more than one super account to combine, just enter your personal details once, and the new form will remember your details for the next transfer.Once we’ve received your super from your other fund/s, or if there’s any reason why your super can’t be combined into your Australian Super account, you’ll be contacted with information on what to do next.In October 2013, approximately 33% of the survey respondents had more than one superannuation fund because they hadn’t got around to consolidating them yet.ASFA points out that the younger you are, the more you will benefit from making small changes to the way you manage your super.Explains what you can do with your super after you leave Australia.

All information on this website is subject to change without notice.“I’m still at uni, so I’m not exactly thinking about getting old and retiring just yet, but the other day, I saw signs at my bank about how easy it is to combine your super accounts to save money (and my sister had been nagging me about it for a while), so I decided to combine all my super accounts into one.I’ve done tonnes of casual jobs over the years, so I wasn’t even sure how many super accounts I had.If you’ve had more than one job, chances are you also have more than one super account, especially if you have been happy to go with your employer’s default fund.Moving all your super into one account (known as ‘consolidating your super’) might be able to help you save on fees and make managing your super easier.If you’re self-employed and wish to claim a tax deduction for personal super contributions, you must lodge a notice of intent to claim a tax deduction with your original fund, before you combine your super into another fund.


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