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Using a dating site is not only great fun but it is very easy because there are singles who want you.

Sure, they drove a crappy car but that is because they really loved that model, not because they didn't have the money to buy a new one. At the start, they had a story about a hard childhood, a bunny-boiling ex, a recovery from cancer, or something else designed to elicit sympathy in you.

As a result, you feel constant anxiety about your relationship. You will rarely be introduced to anyone who knows them from before you met.

These people will not give good reviews, so you are kept away from them. They will work hard to cut you off from your friends and family.

"Once, I was talking to this lady online for a good three months and when I asked her where she thought this was going and if she would consider taking it further, her response was a bit shocking. How are you even going to run me a bath and massage my back?

” People often think about how our disability will inconvenience them, rather than even considering whether a relationship will work.


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