Dating cheating statistics

The results of a new study that we have conducted among 12,000 members indicate that a significant number of cheaters use taxis to go on dates with their lovers.In fact, according to our calculations, cheating Europeans spend, on average, 104.94 euros per month on taxis to transport them to their unfaithful unions.

Nothing is wrong with a site such as – if you’re looking for a committed relationship. Sure, you could create a regular profile on, pretending to be looking for your “soul mate”. Besides, do you really want to be stuck going out on regular dates, acting like a regular couple, all so you can eventually get them into bed? The people you meet on these sites know you’re not looking for a relationship and will respect your need to be discreet. As you will learn from our expert advice, we suggest avoiding women that are likely to get attached to you. are almost always going to end up getting attached if you start sleeping with them.

That's right, 32 percent of you cheat on your spouse WHILE THEY SLEEP - you're .

Well, you'd be glad to know that 33 percent of cheaters were actually at the receiving end of some very scathing language from their significant others regarding their immoral behaviour.

Prevalence estimates, in general, do not provide actionable data.

It does not help very much to know that a certain percentage of high school students admit to having cheated on an exam.


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