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I love him completely for who he is, I just worry if I might have trouble getting turned on when it comes to sex because unlike other gay men I've dated, his body isn't the first thing that attracted me to him.I'd feel pretty bad if I wasn't, because I love him so much, and while I think that should be enough, what if it isn't?I have to admit this has been difficult to wrap my head around because this is my first time dating an FTM trans person and I'm just really new to all this. I am a person who has identified as a cis straight female. Before even stumbling upon any LGBT topics, I'd had the idea that I can love a person, the being, the soul, not necessarily their bodies or their labels.Currently I am in love with a male who lives in a female body, who has no intention of changing his body, and who is recognized as a female. I am plenty attracted to him, I know about my ideas of being in love with a person, not their looks; however, I also fear not being comfortable having sex with him.Maybe you could use a 3rd party extension from the Joomla Extensions Directory,category Personal Life: ... Joomla Date (Commercial Extension for Joomla 1.0 Native) ...Itemid,35/Maybe you could use a 3rd party extension from the Joomla Extensions Directory,category Personal Life: ... Joomla Date (Commercial Extension for Joomla 1.0 Native) ...Itemid,35/Personally I think that if you earn some money (via subscriptions or advertising, or from a customer) or save some money/time (you don't have to (let) develop the component yourself)with the work (the component) made by someone else, that it would be fair if the developer got some financial reward for their efforts.

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Hello =) I'm new to this particular forum, as well as to dating a trans person. The thing is, I'm plenty attracted to him, but at the same time I feel bad in a way because up until now, a major focus of sexual attraction to guys for me has revolved around the penis, and I just worry about intimacy since he is completely pre-op and is not on T I want to be able to be intimate, and he says he would be fine with me exploring everything but his chest.

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