Liquidating dividend asp id

AST is pleased to offer shareholders online access to view and manage their account, including share transfer and record access.

It is a best practice for shareholders to monitor and maintain their accounts on a quarterly basis, both to prevent property loss and to ensure that all information is accurate.

Mutual funds are simply investment firms that invest the collective contributions of their thousands of shareholders in numerous securities called portfolios.

This year, numerous publicly listed companies, especially in the retail sector, have filed for bankruptcy.

When a company has more liabilities than assets, equity is negative and no liquidating distribution is made at all.

This is usually the case in bankruptcy liquidations.

You may begin the certificate replacement process by clicking the login link to the left to access your account.

Creditors are always senior to shareholders in receiving the corporation's assets upon winding up.

However, in case all debts to creditors have been fully satisfied, there is a surplus left to divide among equity-holders.

Shareholders, as well as attorneys or executors of an estate, can access their account via the login at left.

In order to determine if the security that you own has a Direct Stock Purchase and Sale Plan that offers a sale feature, please click here.


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