How rare is eastern Nebraska accumulating snowfall in May? Here are the numbers for Omaha dating back to 1884! The thing was, the air temp was always above freezing, actually several degrees even. The ground was also warm and attacking it from below. Managed one lightning bolt a couple nights before the May snow. Then below that was a nice sized area below freezing, which would refreeze the rain into sleet.

Here, only 20 miles north of Omaha we wind up with 6! And really it should have been well over a foot the way it came down and how long it came down like it did. 1 2.0 5/91945 2 1.3 5/3/1907 3 1.0 5/3 1967 4 0.2 5/1/1911 It's supposed to be severe weather season, but that is nowhere to be found still. Then a good size area below that going above freezing, which would turn snow into rain.

So many opportunities present themselves, whether it be an intimate dinner at the Flatiron Cafe followed by a show at the Orpheum Theater or a riverboat private rental; Omaha offers unique spots to enjoy each other and have fun, too.

Romance can be found in a hot air balloon as you float over the city sharing an intimate picnic dinner, or sharing a laugh at one of the comedy clubs.

Additionally, men can search through sugar baby profiles, examining photos, reflecting on compatibility and assessing whether they'd like to get to know them more intimately.The trick was getting the change over before most of the heavy precip had happened. After dark the heavy precip band had really setup over us and it was now 100% snow, heavy snow. Had I realized this sign had the odd multiple layers to that deal, I'd have gotten a better photo of that.Just shooting out my windshield as I drove around town.You won’t have to worry about your significant other mooching off of you when you’re in Omaha.Employment rates here are good and continue to grow.Sometimes, the best dates of all include nothing more than a full Netflix queue, pants with an elastic waistband, and a pint of Omaha’s finest ice cream, Omaha, Omaha!


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