Spiritual sex magic dating

I will be co- facilitating each meeting with different speakers/ workshop leaders from related ares, such as tantra, sexual artistry, female ejaculation, multiple orgasms, orgasmic meditation and more..

We are excited to open our toolboxes, which we have created in many years of studying and practicing a variety of approaches to influencing, attuning and aligning mind and body.

In the 5th of our series on Sexual Shamanism, Clara Gomez will reveal all she has learned about this fascinating practice through years of extensive training with the International School of Temple Arts and numerous Tantric Masters. Clara is a regular speaker at the Sexuality and Evolution of Consciousness Conference in Israel and she's scheduled to present at various UK and European festivals this summer, including Togetherness, The Summer House, Virgo and infamous Ozora.

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Yet what relevance and implications does it have for us today?The business of creating our reality has been of course brought into the spot light via the popularization of the as promoted by modern success leaders such as Jack Canfield, Abraham Hicks, Joe Vitale, and many others.While these leaders teach about how to direct desire and raise emotional vibration in order to achieve one's goal, they don't speak, however, "to the power of sexual desire used to fuel to have our wildest dreams come true. Attendance of our previous Sexual Shamanism workshops not required.I’m pretty sure I discovered the secret to online dating. I’m not talking about super-connected, total body orgasm, tantric sex.We are also curious what new tools will come to life through your participation. SEX MAGIC is a combination of external techniques and internal practices.


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