Sqldatasource updating event args teendating

The Sql Data Source control exposes many events that you can handle to work with the underlying data objects during the course of a data operation.The following table lists the events and associated Event Args classes and event handler delegates.I am maintaining an old website, the code was pretty messy.

Hi there, I am setting a date parameter representing the days date if a row in my gridview databounded checkbox is checked at the time of updating, but I only want to do this if the checkbox was previously unchecked. This is the Gridview I am using and the SQLData Source.Here is my Updating query: So as you can see, I need to have the Division ID parameterized as well, but the Division ID field does not have an ID (not like the Account and Password). So How can I write the where clause in order to find the Division ID in the current row? Update Value(Http Context context, Control control) 50 System. Because the Sql Data Source Selecting Event Args class is derived from the Sql Data Source Command Event Args class, you can cancel a pending Sql Data Source database query by setting the Cancel property to .You can examine and manipulate the Command Text, Parameters collection, and other database query properties prior to running the query by accessing the Db Command object exposed by the Command property. Data Source Mode Data Reader, Enable Caching - True, Non Supported Exception.


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