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You might’ve written it down and put it in a place where you could see it every day and meditate on it, or you’ve typed it up and stuck it between the pages of your Bible with a little extra prayer that it might come true.

She has also hosted super hit show The 5ive and for this show, she came into limelight publically.

in this article you will learn about the American television actress and television personality Alesha Renee, about her age, husband, height, wiki and bio, which is mention below. She was raised by her beloved mother and she started working from early age to help her beloved family. As we will come to know about her birth date or age, we will update it here soon.

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But wherever you’ve stashed it, your list is that holy grail of an insight to what would make you happy in love.

It’s a list of character traits your potential mate has to have.

Taken out of a page of one of my favorite 80′s movies Weird Science, that piece of paper is your ticket to Build-A-Mate.

Just think, if God gave us a partner who was our ideal of lust, wouldn’t you be happy as a clam?


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