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“I’m 20 now and I was in a relationship from 15 to 19, so I’m in a totally different place and I think that’s good.Learning, you know, it’s all part of growing up and I definitely learned a lot.So we came across some recent pics of Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, and her new boyfriend.At first glance everything seemed innocent enough- just two young kids enjoying their puppy love and referring to each other as “bae” on Instagram.Another empty claim constantly made about the Paris agreement is that it was “legally binding”.Even if the agreement is eventually “ratified” by 55 countries representing 55 per cent of global emissions, as is required for it to take effect, this applies to only one part of what they signed up to in December.“They have really latched on to each other,” a source said at the time.

During breakfast in a Budapest hotel's dining room, Jackson scared his mom for a split second when she couldn't find him (he'd been playing with Cheerios beneath the table) and August yanked her hair into her oatmeal, according to WSJ. "I remember Jax watched Charlize do a take, a scene where she had to be a real [jerk], and he said, 'Mumma spicy.'" Blunt told WSJ.

"The stories saying that Sean was going to adopt Jackson and all of that were not true. You have to be very careful and very honest about that stuff.

And Sean was great with all of that." Theron, 40, said when she expressed interest in wanting to adopt at least one more child, she'd hoped her relationship with Penn, 55, would "go somewhere" before that happened.

Her new man, Michael Snoddy, is a 26 year old who is also the drummer for a rock n’ roll band. We understand Paris is still very young and trying to find herself, just as we all were doing at her age, but hopefully she is wise enough to peep game, if there is in fact game being ran on her by this grown man.

Paris will be 18 next month (April) and sure 26 isn’t old man status by far, but c’mon now, we all know that an 8-9 year age difference between a 17 yr. The iconic civil rights activist and politically inspired comedian who was never afraid to speak his mind, Dick Gregory, has passed away at the age of 84. READ MORE The ever so private comedic superstar, Eddie Murphy, has just gotten dragged into the media circus that has turned out to be his ex, Mel B.’s (former Spice Girl singer) and her estranged husband, Stephen ?


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